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atlas555: -this is the only Russian site I know of. Look around here: Oct 21, 2019 12:03:06 GMT 1
danzig70: I do hope kaoz is doing well. A great asset and friend. Oct 21, 2019 23:57:28 GMT 1
kaoz: Thx ppl. Doing ok. Galblatter removed. My first surgery ever and I didn't like it very much. Don't like pain, but the worst has passed. Now, no more fat food... d*mn! Oct 23, 2019 23:34:50 GMT 1
atlas555: That is good news kaoz! My wife had that surgery a couple of years back and is fit and fancy and full of fun. Oct 24, 2019 13:08:40 GMT 1
BigJoe: I'm glad you're well , it's very good news. :) Oct 24, 2019 23:55:46 GMT 1
olaf66: Good News kaos Oct 25, 2019 0:34:56 GMT 1
olvie: Calling mission makers - I've just uploaded a finished 32x32 map without any units. Check it out here: Oct 27, 2019 22:40:57 GMT 1
Warlord: Lads, sorry for AWOL for so long, but its a very long story... It was almost a permanent discharge on medical grounds, thanks to a tropical disease gone awfully wrong Oct 28, 2019 15:32:32 GMT 1
Warlord: I am currently back on the line, but not a 100%. We'll see what happens next Oct 28, 2019 15:33:11 GMT 1
Kevin: Hi, ! It's good to see you are back and that the surgery went well :) Oct 28, 2019 20:21:27 GMT 1
Kevin: Hi, . I am sorry to hear about that but, at the end, the most important fact is that you are back with us (specially as that means that, despite not being at 100%, you made it through). Welcome back both of you! Oct 28, 2019 20:23:15 GMT 1 *
kaoz: : wish you a quick recovery. Sounds awful, a tropical disease... Nov 1, 2019 21:39:33 GMT 1
Mat: Ielts spam invasion Nov 4, 2019 15:51:09 GMT 1
Kevin: Roger. I am on it. I just got home from work. Nov 4, 2019 17:46:51 GMT 1
Mat: playing vanilla again these days, Soviet campaign, have lots of fun! Nov 5, 2019 12:55:49 GMT 1
AlexTheDacian: played vanilla mp this morning while I was on break at work (rofl) can't say i'm happy of my performance against my co-workers Nov 5, 2019 14:04:33 GMT 1
AlexTheDacian: For the members of BlitzSrbija that own CFCS Release 6 and still find bugs! Please update to the latest patch, that being the "CFCS Release 6 Patch 3.rar"! Nov 5, 2019 14:19:26 GMT 1
danzig70: Glad to hear you are on the mend kaoz. I had my thyroid removed a few years ago. Haven't been the same since. Warlord: Life is difficult enough without medical problems. I hope all remains well. Nov 6, 2019 3:13:03 GMT 1
atlas555: Happy Birthday to femohi!! Nov 7, 2019 13:53:57 GMT 1
atlas555: Happy Birthday to Rolesz! Nov 11, 2019 13:50:04 GMT 1