Conflict 2012: Screenshots/Artwork


Welcome to our chat box.
Squire James: This is where we could do with a moderator Apr 8, 2019 21:19:53 GMT 1
Stanenberg: yes Apr 8, 2019 21:24:58 GMT 1
Quintaxel: This is annoying, at least someone should be able to remove this spam. Alex checks only in once a month so during this time the forum is exposed to these idiots. Apr 9, 2019 8:21:59 GMT 1
atlas555: Happy Birthday to OurLordMonty! Enjoy mate! Apr 9, 2019 12:17:01 GMT 1
vojta: Hello guys, does anyone knows if there exists succesor of geocities (yahoo) Blitzkrieg units pack webpage. It seems this webpage dissapeared some weeks ago but i still hope the files in it arent completely lost :( Apr 9, 2019 19:45:27 GMT 1
atlas555: See above-this is where it stands: Apr 9, 2019 20:26:16 GMT 1 *
ariete: in general, when i find a site with stuffs to download, i download them if i'm interest in collecting them, i mean, i don't hope they will be there forever .. nothing is forever, expecially when announced years before. Just an advice not a rebuke ! Apr 10, 2019 12:36:11 GMT 1 *
vojta: well i think that I have everything i need for my project, but still this is a sad news (zzz) Apr 10, 2019 16:13:31 GMT 1
atlas555: Hey Alex-we need a mod to clean this site up-asshats are posting garbage Apr 11, 2019 13:13:01 GMT 1
atlas555: Sent a message to Alek-how long till he responds-who knows. Apr 11, 2019 13:17:32 GMT 1
Stanenberg: the forum is getting overrun :P Apr 11, 2019 14:13:47 GMT 1
vonosten: Still no extra moderator on this site? Apr 13, 2019 9:34:25 GMT 1
Quintaxel: No, its clear that we need someone who can at least remove the spam this forum is exposed to. Apr 13, 2019 18:44:55 GMT 1
AlexTheDacian: I can help as a part-time apprentice moderator, I usually check things on this forum a couple times a week, sometimes even a couple times a day because i'm bored when I have classes at college. (rofl) Apr 14, 2019 12:10:12 GMT 1
atlas555: Appreciate the offer Alex-however none of us have that authority to create a moderator. Only Alek does that and he is hard to find Apr 14, 2019 13:19:27 GMT 1
atlas555: Got to get it cleared through Alek-good luck finding him. He is quite difficult to contact. Apr 14, 2019 13:21:06 GMT 1
ariete: try to phone him, tedi had the number ! Apr 14, 2019 15:49:08 GMT 1
Stanenberg: didnt tedi leave as well? Apr 14, 2019 22:32:03 GMT 1
Nephilim: He did Apr 15, 2019 0:19:34 GMT 1
ariete: if i've to send someone away, it could be either to stay without him or to 'make him pay' before i leave .. it seems the second Apr 15, 2019 13:24:47 GMT 1 *